IFZA – The Environmentally Friendly Free Zone Authority in the U.A.E

IFZA’s objective is to act in a way which minimizes damage to the environment. As global warming continues apace and becomes an increasingly prevalent topic amongst world governments, IFZA is doing their part to become environmentally more responsible or “green”.
Green Management is an initiative aiming at continuously improving the foundation of environmental management, such as the development and implementing environmental activities, environmental management systems, and environmental communication as well as conservation of biodiversity. IFZA is constantly pursuing knowledge and best practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles, which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

More specifically IFZA will focus on five major initiatives that will support business sustainability and at the same time support our customers in manage their financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities. These three impacts are sometimes referred to as profits, people and planet. These initiatives are:
•    Utilize Wind energy – Wind mills
•    Solar panels on car park roofs and building roofs
•    Insulation on the buildings
•    Application automation and integration, that minimises the need for paper printing
•   Using suppliers that has a documented green profile


Wind Energy

Due to its geographical location, Fujairah is perfect for harvesting wind energy. Some might even say that Fujairah is the windy Emirate, just like Chicago is the windy city in the USA. Wind energy is a proven technology which can supply part of needed energy capacity quickly and effectively. At the same time, wind energy limits the indirect costs from climate change and pollution, which is an integrated part of power production with fossil fuels. Consequently, wind energy is a very cost-effective solution to companies and society at the same time.

Solar Panels

With more than 250 sunny days per year the U.A.E. is perfect for utilizing solar panels i.e. energy from the sun. Solar panels provide a consistent and steady source of solar power throughout the year.
The main benefit of solar energy is that it can be easily deployed by both home and business users, as it does not require any huge set up like in case of wind or geothermal power. Solar energy not only benefits individuals and company owners, but also benefit environment as well. Solar energy is one of the most widely used renewable energy source.

Green Suppliers

IFZA will choose suppliers with a documented green profile, in order to ensure its environmentally friendly objectives as described above. The specific vendor choice will be based on the capability to comply with IFZA sustainability objectives and the design compatibility with the overall project. Finally, the ramifications have to materialize in a long-term strategy to further reductions in IFZA “Carbon Footprint” in the future.

Application automation and integration

According to the Natural Resources Council, the average office tosses out about 350 pounds of paper per employee, per year. While there are many sustainability efforts environmentally-friendly businesses of all sizes can implement, reducing paper usage is a critical step in the greening process.
IFZA will enables businesses of all sizes to eliminate almost all paper with features such as:
• Documents from multiple sources, including email, can be stored electronically with the transactions within the Integrated database.
• The application mask will access all forms, reports & documents that subsequently can be captured & printed directly to PDF.
• Quotes & documents can be created and sent electronically to customers & vendors.
But the reduction of paper usage can go much further throughout the entire business process, with the powerful, green features of the proper integrated applications. Barcoding, mobile technology, eCommerce, EDI, and paperreduced picking & shipping, will have the IFZA customer business on the path to paper elimination quickly, easily and affordably. Hence, not only will it reduce the companies “Carbon Footprint”, but it will subsequently make the document flow more time and cost efficient.

Insulation of the buildings

The thermal insulation of pipework is not given enough attention by building owners and design engineers in the UAE. Condensation control has been the only consideration. In the UAE especially, materials are being used that provide condensation control, but have a very poor insulation value.
Poor insulation value leads to high heat gain or heat loss which, in turn, leads to higher energy consumption and costs due to poor thermal efficiency. For example, on a chilled water pipe – which is key for providing cool air to building occupants – high heat gain would lead to the chilled water not being cold enough which, in turn, would lead to the system consuming more energy. IFZA will focus on both condensation control and thermal insulation in their construction specification.