Presiding over 1,450 sq. km, Fujairah is the only Emirate that is located completely on the eastern coast of the UAE along the Gulf of Oman, with its shores extending 70km along the Gulf of Oman.

Due to its strategic position, it is the UAE’s only access to the Indian Ocean, operating a multipurpose port that offers access to major shipping routes of the world, making it home to the world’s largest livestock shipping companies. Other local industries include mining and stone crushing which have benefited from the recent boom in construction in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The ‘Fujairah Plan 2040’, which sets out the development of Fujairah by adding new terminals for oil, marine services, dry bulk and containers with an anchorage area in the port, as well as an expansion of Fujairah airport apron and runway along with the relocation of the cargo terminal and airport, will ensure Fujairah has a bright and buoyant future.